Frequently Asked Question(s)

Frequently Asked Question(s)

  1. Will my exchange order be processed instantly?
  2. Yes, we are providing fully automatic exchange services between many e-currencies. The target currency will be instantly sent to your account as soon as you place an order, no waiting, no confirmation.

  3. What should your service fee be?
  4. Absolute free, we don't charge you any fee.

  5. What's the minimum amount I can exchange on your site.
  6. No minimum amount. Actually, we are glad to serve you even if the amount is 0.01 dollar.

  7. What's the maximum amount I can exchange on your site.
  8. No maximum amount, you can exchange any amount of e-currency you wish.

  9. Do I need to sign up for an account in order to use your services?
  10. No, you can use our services without register

  11. How safe is your site?
  12. We do not store and report customers' information anywhere. Customers manually make payments on e-currency systems (not on our site) themselves, so don't worry about account information and password leek.